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2021 Post-COVID Reopening – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last updated: June 4, 2021

Got questions or concerns? Not finding the answers you’re looking for? Please contact us. Thanks!

Will SBDS be going back to in-person school in the fall?

Yes! SBDS plans to start the Fall Semester 2021 with on-campus learning for all classes on Saturday, 9/11/2021. Extra online support or online add-on courses might be added if feasible.

How will you ensure safety?

Safety for our students, teachers, and families is our top priority! We will be following the relevant guidelines provided by Santa Clara County and the State of California. You can expect a few changes, e.g., regarding the cake table setup.

We don’t have all the answers yet, but the SBDS Board will be working over the summer to prepare. We will keep you posted via the website and the usual regular email announcements.

What will happen should the public health situation change for the worse again?

We will be following state and county guidelines throughout. If necessary, we will go back to delivering classes online.

Will you offer hybrid classes?

A hybrid class mode, with some students participating online while others are in the classroom in person, is not planned at this time..

How can I enroll?

SBDS starts now to accept enrollment applications for all students in the Fall Semester 2021. This open enrollment period ends on August 15th, 2021. You can find the enrollment form and the document describing the enrollment process on the homepage.

Remember! Everybody has to re-apply for enrollment, even existing members, staff, and board.

Class details and space availability are difficult to predict at this time. Further planning and class definitions highly depend on your response and timing of your enrollment application, as well as COVID or other unpredictable changes out of our control. You may talk to your teacher if you are not sure. Please do send in your application as soon as you know if your student continues this fall. Thank you!

What about tuitions?

Tuitions will stay the same! Thanks to careful budget management and substantial donations, we will keep the tuitions low for this upcoming year and invest back into SBDS to serve our community the best we can. Please do understand that financial planning is certainly not easy and that we are lucky with all the help received, so please give an extra thank you to our donors, teachers and leadership for their generosity during these special times.

What about volunteering?

We do need the families to volunteer 3 hours per semester again, or we won’t be able to have certain activities back on campus, even if they might not be exactly the same as before. This benefits everybody at school, and we know that parents who are involved motivate their own students, too.

Will there be a replacement event for the cancelled Maifest?

Maybe! We all will miss our Maifest again this year. It would have been Saturday, May 22, but the timing and Corona viscosity did not enable us to prepare something real this year. Maybe we can dream and get help to organize a summer picnic or get together before school opens on campus again on 9/11. Stay tuned for updates!

Will you be offering summer school this year?

Yes, please check the homepage for details.

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