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Children (Toddler – 5th Grade)

Classes for elementary school age children focus on conversation along with reading comprehension and writing. Students use textbooks and authentic German-language literature. Students are invited to participate in role-plays and performances for the Christmas party and the end of the school year celebration.

Students have the opportunity to check out (borrow) books or movies from the SBDS library as well. Most weeks, teachers take time to go as a class to the SBDS library and select books. Both the teacher as well as the SBDS Librarian help students find German language books or movies that interest them and are at their skill level.

The music teacher visits pre-K through 5th grade classes each week, enhancing our curriculum and adding variety to the children’s language experience. Students perform German songs for our school events too, which is always a delight to watch!

Parents are encouraged  to support their children in learning German, by reviewing the course books and ensuring that homework assignments are completed.

In the Kindergarten, Preschool and Toddler classes, German is introduced through rhymes, games, finger plays, stories, and art. Using children’s books as well as audio and video materials from German-speaking countries, teachers create a wonderful learning environment.

The Toddler class is a parent-child class. One parent, or an authorized nanny or family member, must always be with the child. It is not required that the parent speaks German, however, the teacher will speak German with the kids most of the time.


Classes are Saturdays from 9am to 12pm with a 30-minute recess. There are two large playgrounds for kids to play on during recess, and kids can purchase snacks from the “cake table” during recess too.


Tuition is $420 per semester, plus a small fee for textbooks. Sibling discounts are offered.


Textbooks are procured directly from Germany and sold at cost to students. Each class typically has a course book and a workbook, selected each year by the teacher from renowned publishers of German language course books. In addition, students are encouraged to check out German books and media from our library at no additional charge.

What our students say

In German class we play games, take tests and do a lot of language arts. The best is playing hangman.


4th grade

I like it when we play hangman to learn German. I like to play the games we do in class. And read at recess. Sometimes I buy food from the cake table too.


4th grade

At German school, we learn a lot about stuff like das, die, der, and about verbs and nouns in German. I like it when we have tests and I get 21-25 points out of 25 on my test. During recess, I talk with my friends and eat some cake with chocolate milk.


5th grade

Wir spielen, lesen, schreiben und machen ganz tolle Sachen in der deutsche Schule. In der Pause spiele ich mit meinem Bruder und spiele vier-square.


3rd grade

Ich spiele mit Anna und wir machen Hausaufgaben und lesen mit unserer Lehrerin. Mein Lieblingsding ist spielen mit Anna.


2nd grade

Ich mag es in der Pause. Ich esse Skittles und rede mit meinen Freunden. Wir spielen Fußball und "Wallball".


4th grade

In meiner Klasse lernen wir Deutsch, spielen Spiele, lesen Bücher, schreiben Sätze und machen Hausaufgaben. Ich mag die Spiele und die Pause, weil ich Fussball spiele und ‘um rennen.


5th grade