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Cultural events are highlights of the school year, bringing members and friends of the SBDS community together to celebrate our students’ progress and foster conversations. Key events include an evening event for St. Martin’s day with music, food and a lantern parade, a Christmas celebration with student presentations, and Maifest, our end of the school year celebration with fun games.

These annual events are also a great opportunity for SBDS members to volunteer. In fact, these events with often more than 200 guests depend on and would not be possible without the help and support of the broader SBDS community. At SBDS we’re always open to ideas and suggestions from the community to improve events or partner with you to organize something new. Please reach out to events@sbds.org if you want to dedicate some of your time and energy to keep the SBDS community as vibrant and fun as it is today!

Paypal Park

San Jose Earthquakes German night

Every Fall, SBDS community members, friends, and families gather for German Night with the San Jose Earthquakes at PayPal Park. This event also welcomes anyone interested in connecting with the German-speaking community in the Bay Area. We look forward to seeing you there! Los geht’s, Quakes! Let’s go, Quakes!

Home Picture

St. Martin’s Day

St. Martin’s is one of our fall events; and it involves the German tradition of crafting lanterns for an evening parade. The school community comes together for the lantern parade, shadow theater, music, hot drinks and small bites. We look forward to this flagship event every year.

Christmas cookies

German Christmas Celebration

At our German-style Christmas celebration, SBDS students celebrate their progress, sweetened by home made cookies, Stollen, hot chocolate and a visit by St. Nikolaus. It’s also an opportunity for the SBDS Community to come together to catch up or make new friends.

Easter Event

The Easter Event is one of our spring gatherings; and it involves crafting Easter baskets for the Easter Bunny to fill with treats. This provides a fun opportunity for students to dress up, celebrate, and participate in an Easter Egg hunt.

Maifest (end of the school year celebration)

The end of the school year celebration is a wonderful event for the entire SBDS Community, friends and families to celebrate and recognize the hard work and achievements of students and staff at SBDS in a fun way. Games, activities, food and beverages draw a large crowd at this annual outdoor event every year; all thanks to the generous help and support from volunteers of the SBDS community.