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Youth (6th – 12th Grade)

Classes focus on conversation along with reading comprehension and writing for middle school and high school youth. Students use textbooks and authentic German literature. Students learn through role plays, in-class games, reading, writing and grammar assignments. Our goal is to make German fun for students. We know that youth at this age have a lot going on already, so teachers emphasize conversation and steady progress.

Students in 9th – 12th grades prepare for and take the nationwide AATG test The National German Exam (American Association of Teachers of German) that is administered annually at SBDS. Students in advanced classes are also prepared for the Advanced Placement (AP) test and the German DSD-I and DSD-II tests. Check out our overview of German language tests and exams.

Students have the opportunity to check out (borrow) books or movies from the SBDS library as well. Most weeks, teachers take time to go as a class to the SBDS library and select books. Both the teacher as well as the SBDS Librarian help students find German language books or movies that interest them and are at their skill level.

Parents are encouraged to support their children in learning German, by reviewing the course books and ensuring that homework assignments are completed.


Classes are Saturdays from 9am to 12pm with a 30-minute recess. There is ample green space on campus for students to enjoy during recess. And students can purchase snacks from the “cake table” during recess too.


Tuition is $440 per semester, plus a small fee for textbooks. Sibling discounts are offered.


Textbooks are procured directly from Germany and sold at cost to students. Each class typically has a course book and a workbook, selected each year by the teacher from renowned publishers of German language course books. In addition, students are encouraged to check out German books and media from our library at no additional charge.

What our students say

We learn, speak and write in German and do German exercises in class. But the best part is music, because I enjoy remembering the songs from my childhood here. And I like it when we fold origami (real origami not the one people cut up and glue and call “origami”). During the break, I like to talk to my friend and draw.


6th grade

At SBDS, we work in our German books and learn about grammar. It’s fun when we split into groups to work and read. During recess, I like to buy food and sit at one of the benches. Sometimes I even get a ball and play.


7th grade

In my class we review homework, learn from the books, have music time and sometimes play games. Playing the games is my favorite part.


6th grade

In der deutsche Schule spielen wir Spiele, lesen und schreiben über die Deutsche Sprache. Am Besten finde ich es, wenn wir klassische deutsche Spiele spielen. In der Pause mag ich das leckere Essen von “the cake table”.


6th grade